This Joint is Jumping.

 This Joint is Jumping… WOW. I suppose like all things in life, too much of a good thing can turn out very, very bad. I’ve always been aware of the workout “freaks” but never really thought yoga would be part of that due to all the overwhelming health benefits. A quote in the article really jumped out from the page for me, “Poses are not pills. They can be more potent and toxic than a drug when taken in excess, and I had overdosed.” I always assumed some poses were easy because I was such a good student- lol 🙂 however, the article made me realize that those easy poses are the ones we have to pay attention to the most. Yoga is all about respecting our bodies. She says, “I would have to literally pull myself together if I wanted to heal.” This article was so informative in learning how to practice safely.


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